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What is Tr@nsbio ?

Tr@nsbio is a real-time communication tool between field samplers and their biologists to validate pre-analyticals both centralized and delocalized. This first development was focused on Covid, Centralized PCR, Serological and Rapid Antigenic tests in POCT

The importance of Tr@nsbio

The pre-analytical phase conditions the results of the analysis, and in POCT, is by far the first cause of deviations from an exact result.

Reporting the pre-analytical phase visually allows the biological platform to validate instantly or not, and the resumption of these elements in a report makes it possible to meet the expectations of the standard and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Tr@nsbio drastically reduces the errors made on the samples and limits diagnostic uncertainties and their related consequences.

Complies with ISO 15 189 and/or 22 870


Protected by a patent since 2019 in Europe (Bulletin 2019/49):

“Method for transmitting point-of-care testing data”
European registration: EP 3113675 B1
International registration: WO 2015 / 132528

Tr@nsbio, for who ?

The Tr@nsbio solution mainly concerns biologists in private medical analysis laboratories, but can also be used by:

  • Hospital and clinic biologists
  • Field hospital biologists
  • Government health agency biologists

How it works ?

The key steps for using Tr@nsbio:

  1. Start video recording

  2. Sampling and documentation of the reagents used

  3. Transmission of the initial pre-analytical

  4. Confirmation of the sample by the biologist

  5. Obtaining the result and comments from the sampler

  6. Transmission of the result

  7. Confirmation of the result and possible comment by the biologist

  8. Archiving of the result with post-analytical

Benefits for all

Better quality samples

Reinforced Good Laboratory Practices

Almost instantaneous exchanges

Easy-to-use tool

Low set-up cost: a simple smartphone

Less paper, with potential document loss or bad ranking

Complete traceability of activities, timestamped

Benefits for everyone

Benefits for the patient

  • Faster results

  • Results validated by a third-party business

  • Better samples taken

  • Less chance loss for the patient

  • Sampling errors  taken into account immediately

  • History of time stamped results

And soon:

  • Predictive medicine by A.I.

Benefits for the collection center

  • Samples certified by the laboratory

  • Dematerialization of all information

  • Guided sequential procedure

  • Optimized production organization

  • A step-by-step educational tool

  • Mobility sampler accompanied

Benefits for the laboratory

  • Valuable tool for the biologist

  • Grouping possible in a single technical platform

  • Technical platform available for an entire geographical area

  • Possible relocation of participants (teleworking)

  • POCT already experiencing strong growth

  • New form of use adapted to an emerging need

A ready-to-use tool

Dedicated to Covid tests for this 1st parameter.

If you have questions or want to ask the provision of an evaluation environment for the tool adapted to your structures, contact us.


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