Technologies adaptable to your needs

Flexible tool

  • Possibility to take into account other parameters (ex: INR, glycaemia)
  • Depending on the availability of new tests released (e.g. “variant” antigenic test)
  • Possible support for emergency tests (e.g. troponin)
  • Tool easy to upgrade, depending on the field of biology (eg veterinarian, anapath)
  • Accumulation of patient history with predictive functions
  • Possibility of modification of the patient form registration (on request)

Adapt the design according to the use

  • Color and logo change

Multi-language support

  • Today: French, English
  • Ease of adding new languages

State-of-the-art technologies


A scalable infrastructure thanks to cloud technologies

  • Kubernetes, MongoDB, NodeJS
  • Data replication
  • Update without service interruption

IT development best practices

  • Unit tests
  • Separate environments (staging, production)
  • Complete documentation of the tool

Developments according to your expectations

Transmission of final results

  • Email, SMS
  • Online consulting
  • PDF export
  • Writing to a database
  • Addition to the Shared Medical Record

Data encryption in AES-256

  • Unique encryption per patient possible

A ready-to-use tool

If you have questions or want to ask the provision of an evaluation environment for the tool adapted to your structures, contact us.


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